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Friday, March 11, 2022

While riding his bike, Craig was hit by a car which resulted in a broken femur. Without checking Craig, the driver left the scene of the accident.

The following video was made from a dashcam approaching the intersection at exactly the time of the accident.

WARNING: The images in the video are graphic and may be difficult to watch.

Friday, March 25, 2022 5:27pm PST Craig writes: I’m okay. My movement with the walker is getting better. I’m still not able to walk without it. I am able to drive. I only drive Lily to school because I only have to get in and out of the car in the garage. I still haven’t seen the police report but I will see my friend from SJPD tomorrow and hopefully be led in the right direction. I’m taking 1 pain killer every 12 hours. The pain starts getting bad about hour 8 and it’s uncomfortable for 4 hours until the next one. It doesn’t feel like the pain is from the broken femur as it feels like it is from ligaments and soft tissue. Very achy and sore. My wrists are sore from the walker. Overall, I’m improving.

Saturday, March 19, 2022 9:14am PST Craig writes: I know this will all get worked out but it shouldn’t be this difficult. My other injury which is my left shoulder is now giving me aching and tingling in my arm and weird things with my grip. In the hospital they checked it when it was just a sore spot on my collarbone and was. told it was fine. I can make an appointment to have it looked at. I don’t think I’d get the same level of urgency now.

Saturday, March 19, 2022 9:03am PST Craig writes: I was told when I came in that a social worker would be by to see me. Every new person I met from there, I asked if they were the social worker. They didn’t know why a social worker would come to see me. Well neither do I but someone told me one was going to come and answer all my questions. Well, a social worker did come by. She had zero answers to my questions but wished me luck. She did have information on temporary housing, financial assistance for qualifying families and I was able to sign a paper that said I was aware of my LGBT rights so at least that’s taken care of. So here we are, 8 days later and I’m going to try to sleep as much as I can this weekend and then start the cop hunt back up on Monday. Today is Vu’s birthday. She is at Lily’s track meet all day. I’m going to see if I can do an online cake order and have a friend pick it up for me.

Saturday, March 19, 2022 8:47am PST Craig writes: There is a lot of additional information now. Brian canvassed the area yesterday. From what he’s told me, the police know who the driver is and have spoken to her. I can’t figure out why I can’t hear from some public agency isn’t communicating to me my next steps in this. My leg isn’t my only injury and whoever is footing the bill for this needs to keep the file open.

Brian has some great photos of me laying in the street and the people gathered around (coming soon).

The following is Craig’s description of the event.

A vehicle had passed going uphill as I was going down. We crossed at about where the shot says Dale. The car came out of Nimrick at this point and proceeded straight through. I braked and tried to turn to go behind the car but I couldn’t avoid it.

The spot of impact.

The intersection the vehicle came out of.

Incident report

My GPS track of the accident

My feet prior to the surgery on Saturday.

Top view of the damage. Replacing this wouldn’t have been in the budget so I’m hoping it is just some adjustment.

Craig Hit & Run

The direction I was heading just before the accident.

My jersey that was cut from me. Shame to let it go. It was only 25 years old.

My shorts that were cut from my body in a vulgar show of indignity. You don’t want to see the other side.

Google Earth view of home to survey for suspect. If one of those white cars has a decal and a dent on the side, we’ve got our suspect….maybe?

Lily’s top accomplishments on her Saturday ride. The crowns represent her being the fastest recorded time for a woman on those segments.

They had an 80’s theme day while I was there.

Lily wasn’t allowed to visit so she made the most of it.

Learning to walk again.

This sucks.

My roommate’s chart. He had it worse than me.

Check-out day.

At least I had both my feet in those socks. My roommate’s yellow socks only had a stub in one. He was Jeffrey from Scotland and he had renal failure. I think there were diabetes issues as well. He was being discharged to a skilled nursing facility. He had to yell everything to the nurses 3 or 4 times until they understood him and them to him. It got to where I’d say, “he wants black tea, a straw and some graham crackers”. Just like 4 times yesterday and the day before.

My sketches of the decal on the side of the hit and run vehicle.

Getting ready to walk the corridors. My six pack is just 6 cans in a potato sack now.

Day after surgery

I’ve looked better.

The night before surgery.

The full view of the accident spot.

Checking in.

More damage shots.

Seems fine.

A little bruised. The band-aid should help.

This is where most of the surgery was accessed. This is 5 days after surgery.
The pain level over the last few days has gone from excruciating to it’s present level of uncomfortable and achy.

Monday, March 14, 2022 5:51pm PST Jackie writes: Craig’s now out of the hospital: “Doing a lot of physical therapy. There is not one redeeming factor in the food here. If I let it sit in one position too long, it will be hard to move it from that position. I’m supposed to be going through the motions of walking normal. The hardest part is getting up and back into a bed. Then it’s up and down the corridors with a walker.”

Sunday, March 13, 2022 2:15pm PST Craig writes: I’m doing okay. Surgery is over and done with. Going through PT now. I wish I could have been out finding the driver before more and more water is goes under the bridge.

I may get out today but it’s not super promising. It’s still pretty hard to move without pain. I’ll fill you in more later. I’m really drowsy from the pain meds. It’s a good thing.

Sunday, March 13, 2022 10:01am PST Craig writes: Hi Mom, I’m still in the same room. They are giving me hopes of being released today. I am on break from therapy right now but will be starting back up soon. Presently, I have moved from my bed to a chair. Took about an hour. Next step is to move about with a walker. They gave me a pain killer last night and that made me throw up my whole dinner. Sorry, no pictures of that but I do have this.

Day after surgery

Sunday, March 13, 2022 10:05am PST Chris writes: “They are giving me hopes of being released today.” Sound familiar?

Saturday, March 12, 2022 2:38pm PST Kara writes: Lily update: He just got out of surgery and it went well. He’s currently recovering and still sleepy. We’re heading to see him.

Saturday, March 12, 2022 2:19pm PST Brian writes: From Craig: Surgery is done. The pain is less. Could be meds

Saturday, March 12, 2022 9:46am PST Maria writes: These are the texts I received from my conversation with Craig last night. Hopefully surgery is done by now and he is feeling less pain. ❤️

Craig writes: “They gave me morphine and it still hurts. I’m in a double twin room. The guy in the cell next to me has his tv on full volume and keeps farting. I’ve got a long night ahead.

“I was on my way to the hospital by the time the cops showed up. I hope to hear from them. I am told I was confused when I came in but I remember it pretty good. Far as I know, they kept going. I was just trying to get out of the road. A camera on someone’s porch might do it but still a long shot

“Yeah, I couldn’t move. Luckily some people were there to block traffic.”

Sent from my iPad

Saturday, March 12, 2022 9:43am PST Kara writes: Craig’s number: 669-350-8827

His surgery was scheduled for 7:30 for a broken femur. The accident knocked him unconscious so he doesn’t know who came to his aid but the ambulance took him away before the police arrived. He feels there is a chance that the driver will be apprehended. His email to Mom this morning told of an awful night of horrible pain and poor care. He’s at Valley Medical but I don’t know a number for it but he’s been responding to texts and emails.

Saturday, March 12, 2022 9:38am PST Maria sent from Craig: Hi Maria, Thanks. I’m fine-ish. My femur is broken and it hurts a lot. My left foot is turned at a 90 degree angle to the outside. They are going to operate tonight or tomorrow and make my right leg stick out the same.

Hit and run. For all they know, I could have been dead there.

Saturday, March 12, 2022 6:54am PST Mom sent from Craig: Good morning, I am hoping to feel better after surgery. The pain is excruciating and the pain killers don’t seem to help. The leg is sitting in a sideways position so I don’t think I will get relief till it’s straight. I didn’t sleep at all last night. There was a monitor beeping next to my head all night and nobody knew how to silence it. The patient next to me had his tv on full blast all night. They just took him to dialysis and the tv is still going. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 unless they have an emergency.

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Friday, March 11, 2022 8:22pm PST Mom writes: Craig was hit while riding his bike-hit and run-and taken to the hospital with a broken hip! He is in a lot of pain and will be operated in the am. I have been in touch with all the family. He thinks he will be released after the surgery and can walk 😊, maybe optimistic? Tough times! Love, Mom


Hospital  Information

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
751 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128


Valley Med

Femur, not to be confused with lemur, is also called thighbone, upper bone of the leg or hind leg. The head forms a ball-and-socket joint with the hip (at the acetabulum), being held in place by a ligament (ligamentum teres femoris) within the socket and by strong surrounding ligaments.

not femur


153 Escobar Ave, Los Gatos CA 95032



cell: 209-286-9280‬
home: 209-753-0113‬‬
3763 Fairway Drive, Arnold CA 95223
PO Box 2605, Arnold CA 95223

3311 N. 108th Lane, Avondale AZ 85392

1340 Bush St, Angels Camp CA 95222

PO Box 271, Hathaway Pines CA 95233

12373 Windsor Drive, Yucaipa Ca 92399

352 Laurel Ave, Pacific Grove CA 93950

352 Laurel Ave, Pacific Grove CA 93950

12750 Fielding Rd, Lake Oswego OR 97034

PO Box 4418, Carmel CA 93921

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PO Box 4418, Carmel CA 93921

Denny Onslow
17528 Talbot Road, Edmonds WA 98026-5029